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A/N: Hey, guys! This is Admin Markpop~ It’s an honor to be chosen as a coadmin for this blog and I hope that you guys will like my writing. If you don’t feel comfortable reading it, please don’t click ‘read more’. Seokjin: I see Seokjin as a peaceful man. A sexy girl who can converse with me for a long time with a nice voice, is appropriately tall, has pale skin, feminine Girl, looks good in a white T-shirt + Jeans + Red Converse High. Anonymous said to kpopgroupsreact: Hi it’s not really smut so i hope you’ll do it, a reaction where the other boys tease Namjoon and you because they heard you doing private things last night at the dorms? xyourpinksky said: Hi! Please can you do a BTS reaction to their idol gf being in a girl group and the members of this group sing, dance and rap but also play instruments in some performances and MVs In a lot of your reactions, Ive noticed that you use "defiantly" instead of "definitely"(what it should be most of the time) and just wanted to point out that they are 2 different words. Gf staining herself with blood. Now lets see where this takes them. Idol baby sister has a cute concept . ) This sunshine would find it difficult to stay backstage whilst you tearfully sung your song. Reaction to You Fainting Into Their Arms. I started this blog to share my writings and although they may not be the best, I hope to improve. BTS on their Wedding (Hoseok) SMUT. I do not own any of the gifs. BTS reaction to their S/O’s lips tasting like something sweet. ^-^ Slight trigger warning as there may be people that don’t feel comfortable around this subject. Haechan: (Reaction to you singing an emotional song for your comeback as an idol after having an argument. To my lovely anon sorry for being a lazy bum and helping me get off my ass :) You never bts jimin’s angst scenarios, please? when he get closer with ur bestfriend (female) and you got jealous. Bts reacting to you only wearing his shirt to sleep. In this scenario, the name Youngji is used for Suga’s hypothetical girlfriend. LOL! but since i havent done texts in a while, i thought i’d take a break from reactions and scenarios and do a text. Though, he didn’t know you were close enough for him to kiss you on the cheek. A kpop group called Your Tears is shooting a movie about them while they are doing a world tour, which is as you can imagine pretty hectic. I write scenarios, and reactions for GOT7, BTS, Day6, EXO and Seventeen but feel free to request other groups and I'll try my best! ~Requests ~CLOSED~ BTS admiring you and you’re pregnant belly. BTS reaction to you (gf) dancing to Fire perfectly but fail at 3:33 Your bf wasn’t suppose to be home for another half hour, so you decided to play your favorite song which happens to be Fire, that BTS reaction to you, an idol and their S/O, being admired by other idols. to their gf having a cute sneeze. we had to deal with a lot of school works these past few months and just didnt really have any time to open tumblr but we’re on vacation now so you can send us a request !! Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. MTL run into something when seeing an attractive person. Ideal Looks. ig- jjane_daily K-Pop Reactions, Scenarios, Imagines, etc. Jin He would love it. J-hope is also sometimes more difficult but not in group scenarios again. . W/JHope or Jin?? Any bts member really~) this basically like my other “everyday texts with bf–” but this one is where ur not an idol. [BTS Reaction] When their S/O is underweight Thank you for requesting. I’m so proud. xyourpinksky said:Hi! please can you do a BTS reaction to their idol gf being in a girl group and the members of this group sing, dance and rap but also play instruments in some performances and MVs like AOA? Bts reaction to their idol gf having a sexy dance off. Thanks for the request! I hope you enjoy :) -Spice. Wow I haven’t done a reaction a while but i am so excited to try a bts reation. Originally posted by jinful. S E O K J I N. It's where your interests connect you with your people. The truth is, I overestimated myself. hope you guys like it! | bts masterlist BTS reaction to idol gf forgetting lyrics while performing Anon asked: “Hi!! Can you do a BTS reaction of them watching their idol girlfriend (you) perform but she forgets her lyrics. Hi! Please can you do a BTS reaction to their idol gf being in a girl group and the members of this group sing, dance and rap but also play instruments in some performances and MVs like AOA? P. Originally posted by lion-prince. ♥ Hiya! Thanks for the request ♥ SeokJin:You hadn’t even told him about your pregnancy yet because you felt like he wouldn’t even allow you to perform BTS Reaction To Their s/o Roasting Yoongi May I please request a BTS reaction where you their usually quiet girlfriend gets hyper, and roasts yoongi? Thank you 😘 Requested by anon Y’all sorry if I BTS reaction when their GF gives them a blow job/hand job during a Vlive Your boyfriend had promised you some alone time to just finally settle down. Gf is pregnant and losing her mind. Scenarios: Watching the stars with Suga. 2 Jun 2017 BTS Reaction to their Girlfriend Being an Idol Jin He had always been in awe of your various talents, but time and time again, you just  9 Jul 2016 BTS reacting to you and Jungkook eloping while being on vacation · BTS reacting to you Bts reacting to their rapper idol gf's new MV getting a lot of views · Bts reacting to you much he misses you. 3. Once setting eyes on your skintight dress, his composure will break. 4. You’re awake? Thank God! T A E H Y U N G. Thank you for requesting, I hope I’ll not disappoint you. BTS, also known as Bangtan Boys or Beyond The Scene, is a seven-member South Korean boy band formed by Big Hit Entertainment. 2. Hey, this is the sub-blog for EXO+BTS Imagines, our main blog, but this is dedicated to all the smut we are requested. anon asked: Hi! pls can you do a BTS reaction to having to break up with their idol gf because of her entertainment rules (she can’t date)? Sorry for my bad english. Requests are KINDA OPEN. You and your group were on Weekly Idol for the first time, you had debuted awhile ago but you rose to popularity quickly. 5 Oct 2016 Anonymous said: bts reaction where their gf is an idol whose more famous than them XD? Answer: BTS Reaction To GF Being More Famous Than ThemJin: Ask BTS anything,from fake snaps,texts,scenarios and reactions  22 Jul 2017 BTS Reaction: having to break up with their idol gf because of her entertainment rules (she can't date) [requested] *I am sorry I am so late with  Read to getting a boner because of you in public from the story Bts Reactions | WEEKLY UPDATES by admxtal (Tal) with 291 reads. feedback is always appreciated! Originally posted by ky-ngsoo their gf has add what dating jongdae would be like . one night, you, jimin, and her had dinner together and he ignore you. BTS reaction seeing a beautiful girl at a fansign and wanting to see her again. Reaction to You Turning Them On. hellooo, so could i request a exo gif reaction when their gf (she is an idol) and her group perform My lady. feel free to request writings/reactions. BTS reaction to them officially confirming their relationship with taehyung and his idol gf posted 2 years ago on 6th April with 623 notes tags: bts texts bts fake texts bts imagines taehyung imagines bts reactions bts scenarios taehyung pervy pervy hyungie - taehyung and his idol gf tags: bts texts bts fake texts bts imagines bts scenarios bts reactions masterlist this will be updated after every post! BTS Reaction To Dating An Idol. Oneshots. keke 150827. you try to talk with them (jimin and ur bfriend) but jimin get angry and yelled at you, he said hurtful things to you. Reaction to You Being Clumsy. When their idol gf wins an award and sees them in the crowd The scene: This was the day! It was THE day! All your hard work had to come to something, right? All the extra practicing, the last nights, MASTERLIST jinhwankenobi’s masterlist *requests open*- it’s a long ass list Bts:Imagines Reactions Scenarios/Drabbles Fake Texts MTL • MTL to date a Tomboy • Mtl To Date A ‘01 liner • Mtl To Date A gif reaction when the boys are on a date with their girlfriend and they bumped into a guy friend and chatted a little and that said friend looked at their girl and told the boys that they have an ugly girlfriend right in front of her! and yay for all members gif scenarios! heheh ^^ Their Girlfriend Checking Out Another Idol. i really wanted to show off my writing style more than anything. I see this relaxing demeanor also carrying on into your relationship. from the story bts scenarios by bangtanistry (jean. However, after getting home from practice he I had to study a lot and I didn’t listen to music at all bc of that and I was just totally out of bts if yk what I mean. Btw this story doesn't end when the world tour is over and BTS Masterlist Guide to BTS members ReactionsJin • Calling him daddy • You being cat called and being used to it • Seeing a girl that’s his ideal type Suga • When you ask him to sing you to sleep • Anonymous said: members reaction if their gf shouted 'i hate you' during an angsty argument? Answer: Ouch. Really? Daeil. Bts Reactions to you you stressing so much you cry BTS Reaction to watching Jungkook and his idol GF perform “Attention” by Troublemaker. A. Hi, everyone. requested by anon. Here you will find Monsta X, NCT, Pentagon, Seventeen, Exo, Bts, a little bit of Kard and Blackpink content. Anonymous said: Bts reactions to gf candy-kissing them ( you know? Passing a candy through a kiss ) Answer: Jin• shocked • “jagi what is that!?” • spits it out • laughs uncontrollably • “aish that was Life Of An Idol. bts exo seventeen svt nct got7 vixx ikon astro shinee winner monsta x wanna one kard tripple h pentagon sf9 red velvet blackpink twice big bang btob bap nu'est cnblue day6 stray kids the boyz incorrect quotes memes bts scenarios imagines mlt smut reactions Bangtan (BTS) masterlist - Bangtan (BTS) masterlist Current draftsclick here Reactions Wearing his clothes hearing you moan while stretching bite marks from your dog seeing their gf in casual clothes for the first time you Finding Out Their Gf Secretly Likes ‘Punk/Emo’ Music You Singing The ‘Cuppy Cake’ Song To Them In A Baby Voice Their Idol Gf Being In A Girl*Girl Ship With One Of Her Members You Coming Out As Asexual PDA With Their S/O Their S/O Having A Make-out Session For A Drama Their Girlfriend Listening To Only 50s And 60s Music You Have Low Self BTS Reaction: BTS and S/O getting caught by another Member. btsexoscenarios: BTS REACTION: GF fainting because of pregnancy. Have Fun and Hope you like who you get. Masterlist How Would BTS react if their s/o (also an Idol) writes a Song about them (everyone knows that it is about them) and their s/o would SDOAM BTS Masterlist. Seokjin. For a freaking reaction. BTS is known for their personalities that win over their fans! Each of the members being unique from the others, their different interests are sure to lead them to be attracted to specific BTS + TTOTM. How Day6 would kiss. btssmutclub bts smut bts reactions bts imagines yoongi smut min yoongi yoongi x reader rain writes e2l coffeehouse au the early shift i've never worked in a coffee shop before please forgive me for any inaccuracies faljsdk i hope you all like this yoongi as much as i do he's so mean :') wow i just made a mess in the comments haha TIL only the BTS Reaction: Got7 member kissing you (their gf) on the cheek during an interview Rap monster/Namjoon: He knew you and Jackson were great friends. Based On Hotline Bling By Drake. SF9, Monsta X and BTS Requests For The Following By Admin Hyun Mi: Gif Reactions(CLOSED) Selca Ships (CLOSED) BTS REACTS TO: Breaking up with idol s/o Anon Asked: Hi! pls can you do a BTS reaction to having to break up with their idol gf because of her entertainment rules (she can’t date)? Anonymous said: BTS reaction to their gf finally doing aegyo for them Answer: Jin: “Wah~!! (Y/N), what do you want to eat? Tell Oppa anything and I will buy it for you, today! Requested! by jung-jinso “ OMG you are back!!! x3 jajaja ok no :P the reaction of bts are new? wooo so cool xD ok can you do a reaction of BTS, B. 1) Scenarios. Meet BTS . Hyung line / Maknae Line. Please start taking care of yourself _____. to seeing their gf upset because of the hate she’s been getting for being in a relationship with them ( ten,taeyong & jaehyun) MTL/Who would. Suga’s girlfriend gets paired up with another idol to do a sexy concept like Trouble Maker. I’m mad at you for BTS Reacts to You Getting Hurt Jin: You had just got done performing and your boyfriend’s band, BTS, was up next. v. BTS reaction to accidentally saying something hurtful to their S/O. , She tweeted in response - "Aren't people busy minding their own lives? Why do they care so much about other people without knowing the facts? I don't understand why I have sit and listen to those kind of things. Bts songs used to have sth that made them unique and they don’t have it anymore. Below you will find everything I have written for BTS. BTS reaction to them officially confirming their relationship with BTS reaction to asking you (gf) to ride their face, but you are insecure about your weight Okay, first of all, every single one of you, every. BTS reaction to one of their twins feeling left out . I’m taking this as you being a very confident person like, over confident… I guess? Also, i honestly couldn’t think of anythin for Namjoon, I’m v sorry about that - Admin Kay. Look up Masterlist in the tags. V. As a mother of six, Seokjin’s (as well as Namjoon’s) existence alone maintains balance within the group. Gf getting hate since she is a 01 liner BTS Reaction to You Saying "Daddy could you pass me the salt?" and Both Him and Your Father Reach for it. Namjoon: He would notice that the corset you were required to wear made you extremely uncomfortable and would worry that it was making you too weak. Jin: He would hand you the salt and makeup an excuse. hope you dont mind the length (i honestly dont know how some of them got to be so long tbh I’M BACK BBYS! (Requests, Hiatus, Rant, etc. I could see him being the type to turn to the people around him, no matter who they were, and be like “you see that one? That one’s my Jagi. Hello there! I post memes, write imagines, scenarios and reactions about my fav kpop groups. j-hope, jin, jun anon// Bts reaction to Jungkook and his idol gf on stage together?? (at an award show or something) Jungkook x You (fluff) masterlist. He’d introduce himself kindly and keep a little distance, not trying to come on too BTS reaction when they catch you masturbating Thank you so much for the request I hope you like it <3 J-hope: *He wouldn’t be able to contain his awkward laughter as he saw what you were doing, he’d leave you to finish what you were doing and he wouldn’t bring it up afterwards to save you from the embarrassment* This is the actual recitation which CL used in her song and concert. 1291 words. BTS Reacts BTS Ships EXO Reacts EXO Ships VIXX Reacts VIXX Ships Scenarios Anonymous: bts and exo reaction when you're their idol gf but you've been overworking lately, so you look really sick/pale while performing onstage and faint as soon as the performance is over Pls do me the gray scenario where he was fighting with his gf and it ended up by a breakup. thx for this Answer: I know I’m responding BTS REACTION - You being thick/chubby Thank you so much for the request, I think that all of BTS would love the girl for who they are, despite their weight, so I’m gonna do you a small scenario with –Reaction to their idol gf MASTERLIST! Originally posted by oneminhyun x scenarios #monsta x imagines #monsta x #bts scenarios #bts imagines #bts reactions He thinks your cheating because you've been hanging around with another guy but its actually your brother and he's helping you pick out a gift for your anniversary? (just cute and stuff ^^. BTS kissing style. MTL: mtl to date a ‘00 liner to date someone slavic. you really mad at him and want to break up, but he regret it. Writer ღ Dreamer ღ K-Pop Enthusiast ღ I like too many groups to pick a favorite, but Monsta X is pretty cool ღ Rules/Guidelines ღ Masterlist ღ My Beginners Guide To Monsta X BTS react to their idol gf being in a very large girl group with sub-units Requested by @xyourpinksky: “ Hi! please can you do a BTS reaction to their idol gf being in a very large girl group with allkpop. bts-reaction replied: My dear I’m always open to talk about these stuff cause I myself have depression and I like spreading awareness cause mental illnesses should never be ignored, if you have any problems I’m here to talk to privately and you can get help if you need I hope you have a great day and remember to be you and do you as our namnams said <3 A/N: I don’t know if you wanted all of their reactions to being a drummer, a dancer and a rapper but I decided to split it among the members, hope that’s okay!!Anyhow, feel free to request more scenarios, reactions etc. Ohhh i just wanted to say that to-do list masterlist bts bts scenarios bts imagines bts writing bts reactions bangtan bangtan boys bangtan boy scouts bangtan sonyeondan kim seokjin seokjin jin suga min yoongi yoongi j-hope jung hoseok hoseok rap monster kim namjoon namjoon park jimin jimin v kim taehyung taehyung jeon jungkook jungkook to their gf dieting and feeling sick because of it. EXO reacts to their idol gf singing/hitting all the high notes. A/N: Okay, so this is the first reaction that I will be doing and I’m not sure if it’s going to be accurate or anything, hopefully it will be though. one. Bts reacting to you self harming. When she’s not their girlfriend:. I have summer classes on weekdays from 8:30am to 7:30pm plus homework and projects and a dance crew to take care of. Debuting with 7 members from Bighit Entertainment, they successfully debuted in June 2013 with the title song “No More Dream” from the “2 Cool from Skool” album. [If you have any specific requests or questions, you can submit them here] Here’s the masterlist for more imagines and scenarios/reactions. Reaction to You Getting Attention from the Other Members. BTS React to their GF Passing out. Whenever you Anonymous said: The bts reaction with the gf and the idol (where they are puplic) was hillarious so funny. I’m really sorry I’ve allowed this blog to become inactive so soon after it opened. How would Who Is Your BTS Boyfriend? Find out who is the perfect match for you in the famous kpop group Bangtan Boys/Bts. Hi! We are BTS!! BTS Reaction to: Seeing Their Girlfriend in a Sexy Dress. *NSFW* Bts reaction to finding you (gf) masturbating. P and Block B When you (gf) are an idol and collapse in the stage and there are in the backstage, and another one when she wake up please, i really love you reaction,im only wait when you open the box xD” BTS: Reaction to their crush being mistaken as their girlfriend •Jin: You two were walking through the super market, looking for snacks and sugary drinks for your movie night at the dorm. masterlist. Anyways hope you enjoy~ Add to library 3 Discussion 4 Browse more Just For Fun Music We write BTS scenarios, most to least, reactions, ships, and more~ We are here to make your imagination come to life! Request something you’ve imagined with Bangtan and we will try to bring it to life through our writing. bts react ෴ they have to break up with their idol gf. single. Oral with BTS. 1. Answer: I really love these omg, I would love to grab a handful of Jimins butt Jin: He would get flustered when he first feels you slap his Could I have a BigBang reaction to their idol gf and her group being on TV and her sister reveals their relationship! -BigBang Spam Anon!” DAMN IT SIS! i kid anyway to ze thingy. BTS reaction to their S/O watching anime . ) with 54,120 reads. Who is Jimin's girlfriend now? I'll introduce his lover and his lovelife. The best concert ever (smut) Dating This is a BTS quiz~ pls take the quiz and then read the comments because I will write the answers in the comments section even though it might be really easy. He would try to convince your father REQUEST: Bts reaction to gf being very confident bout herself. MTL to play with their gf’s curly hair. Originally posted by bwipsul. Bts Reaction to teaching their child to walk. If this situation occurred in the present, I expect they all would be upset, because BTS Reaction to Seeing A Beautiful Foreign Girl. Watching the stars with Jin BTS Hearing Their Girlfriend Moan in the Shower [requested] Disclaimer: none of these gifs are mine unless otherwise stated. Bts reacting to you getting sick because you overwork yourself but not telling BTS masterlist / Maknae line Texts • Jimin -When they see you with another guy (your brother or cousin) and they become jealous. Tis very naughty so shield your eyes and bathe yourselves in holy I think Jimin (except in bts discuss series) is hardest to write in a romantic context for some reason but in group scenarios with the other members it comes really easily. G/F is nervous to lose their virginity . EXO: Tao-Sehun Scenario Convincing their Crush that They’re Beautiful but Thinks Otherwise (Part 2) BTS REACTION - their idol gf saying that she'll kiss another guy for a dorama Seokjin: Jin doesn’t seems to be a jealous person, but he is overprotective (for the members as a mom and for you as a BTS Masterlist Drabbles Jin nothing yet Yoongi • Balance Hoseok • Sweaters Namjoon • Songwriter • Date Night, Interrupted Jimin • Let It Go Taehyung nothing yet Jungkook nothing yet Firsts w/ BTS BTS reaction to their gf crying a little while saying “thank you for loving me when I didn’t love myself”. Scenarios: Hongseob. younger sister debuting. When their gf falls asleep on their lap with her sketchbook open. “You might want to think about making some alterations to your costume,” he would say worriedly. i usually worked on exos one but i have been a fan of bts since 2014 and i really am happy for there success i am doing just a fun exciting reaction and here you go ! you can request but i take a while but i take timefor my reactions so here we go! bts reaction when doing a drama with you, a rookie in another idol group, as lovers, and they realize they like you bts reaction to you having natural curly/wavy hair exo + jimin and jhope’s reaction to you and your team’s basketball finale BTS reacting to their idol crush playing a main role in a romantic drama with another member. BTS (scenarios) JUNGKOOK- dating life in school. Jin: He wouldn’t really judge you per say, but he’d still look at you like “really?” before turning over and curling up to go to sleep. He'll be like “really why?” smiling to that guy from Astro  1 Feb 2016 BTS Reaction to You (GF) Being in a Dating Scandal with Another Idol - I think this would be a typical issue in relationships between two idols. BtsBTS Ideal types Reactions BTS reacting to their s/o playing the guitar BTS The latest Tweets from 방탄소년단 (@BTS_twt). Master List (REQUESTS ARE OPEN!!!!!) BTS (reactions) sick gf. BTS‘s Ideal Types 2016 Compilation 1. Scenarios & Fanfiction. BTS on their Wedding (Jin) SMUT BTS, Big Bang, KPOP EVERYTHING All the k-pop imagines, scenarios and reactions. Bts reaction to their idol s/o writing a song about them. Receiving Their Fan BTS reaction to their new gf unexpectedly getting pregnant This would happen when the guys are in their early 30s. their gf is a vocalist, a drummer and a dancer! BTS Reaction: To meeting your older/younger brother who happens to be a member of Seventeen. Order a   23 Mar 2019 Each of the BTS members have shared their past histories with Se Ho publicly joked that Lee Guk Joo was dating a handsome idol trainee. That Night (Pt. Masterlist - Not completed BTS Scenarios: Min Yoongi - True Beauty Min Gf wearing revealing clothes in front of the other members s/o Idol faints on stage. -When they find out that their gf has a secret side job as trashy - Masterlist - after a long wait i have finally gotten off my lazy butt and made a masterlist! [will constantly be updated !] *warning very long so ima put a keep reading tab if it gets tooo long ^^ BTS Reaction: You smacking their booty Request: Bts reaction to you smacking da booty lol I had fun writing this one SeokJin: He’d probably be cooking when all of a sudden you gave his booty a smack. Performing with their secret gf. Rap Monster: He wouldn’t mind that his significant other was an idol like he was, but he might get a little uncomfortable with how desired they were. Going to a Club with them. Please tell me if I’ve done it wrong. Their GF Getting Her Dream Job And Being Able To Live With Them. Feel free to leave a V: You and Taehyung have been boyfriend and girlfriend for a while now and now it was time for the scariest part of your relationship: meeting the parents. Another Idol Hitting On Their Girlfriend That They’ve Gone Public With. be vanilla Request: a/n: oh my gosh im really sorry we kept this in our inbox months and all the other requests. BTS trying to woo you - Hyungline / Maknaeline Their Idol Crush is on a Variety Show with Them JIN Jin would be welcoming and try not to let his crush show. Their SO Being Obsessed With The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Or a reaction to their girlfriend being an idol and is BTS Reacts: their gf walking around in only their shirt. REQUEST: Can I ask for bts their idol girlfriend is 5-7 years younger than them and she is afraid that the member will treat her like a kid and don’t see her as a woman ( when she is legal like 2020 - 2021 ) Anon, I’m v sorry that i went off topic but I didn’t know what you meant EXACTLY. When their gf is a famous Youtuber. hello may i request something if the requests are open ? im new and im in love with your blog these days when i get back from school immediately open your blog i just adore you girl :)<3 anyway can i get a scenarios or headcanons or anything about BTS with there GF hard and painful period you how that cute helpful things , make it long if you don’t mind , thank you so much you Exo Reaction (Requested) Idol s/o talks to other male idols jonginsbaae said:-Hey, can you do an exo reaction when s/o is and idol and talks to other boy idols?- 😊 Baekhyun: You quickly rushed to hug True, it's not the actual idols, but it is sure to be a load of fun! So drop on by our ask box and send us a message and see what your favorite idol/group would say to you. tagged #bts #bts texts #bts fake texts #bts scenarios #bts reactions. you telling them ‘i love you’ s/o tripping over nothing type of tumblr blog bts would have hearing you speak your mother language losing something of theirs while in the car dancing and accidentally breaking the t. BTS with their Idol Girlfriend. Bts reacting to their rapper idol gf’s new MV getting a lot of views. Good morning jagi! I was starting to think I would have to cuddle with this bear! H O S E O K. to their gf being an ulzzang. Anon asked: Bts reactions to you being his idol gf who every idol wants to date . It has been requested by an anon. ) hello! some of my old (and maybe new followers) might have noticed that i have not been uploading or responding to any texts nor requests simply because i was stressing out beyond words with school work and managing this account! im super sorry for making you guys wait within the time i was absent, i received a lot of “personality ships” as BTS admiring you and you’re pregnant belly. Thank you hun 15 Mar 2017 Idol Girlfriend || Bangtan Reaction Jin / Seokjin Whenever the two of you would go out or spend time together at an event, Jin would get jealous  26 Oct 2016 BTS Reaction to watching Jungkook and his idol GF perform “Attention” by “ Could I possibly request a gif reaction of the boys reacting to Kookie and his Scenarios: OPEN | Reactions: OPEN Ships: OPEN | MTLs  28 Mar 2017 ~You are and Idol but your relationship is still on private for obvious reasons. EXO Reaction: You’re scared of the other members Request: Reaction for exo when their gf is afraid of the other members please?(just found yoyr blog, im loving it ^~^) A/N: Thank you so much Their foreign idol girlfriend is dissed by other Korean rappers because she is dating them and it really doesn’t end well with the other rapper (Mix groups) V: -you laughed at it and felt bad they had 1. to their gf being a professional choreographer who wears revealing outfits. bighitofficial)がシェアした投稿 - 2017 2月 1 7:00午前 PST Jimin is a South Korean singer born on October 13, 1995 in Busan, the second largest city in South Korea. Don't forget to read the rules, F. Bts reacting to getting a boner while cuddling with you. • Hugging them while they prepare breakfast (hyung-line) • Yelling at them in a languauge they doesn’t speak (Rapmon, Jungkook) • Nipple piercing question (Jin, V, Exo and BTS: You’re In A Secret Relationship And Both Idols And There’s A Rumor Going Around That You’re Dating Another Idol Requested By: Anonymous ~ EXO and bts reaction when your both idols and theirs a rumour goin around that your dating another idol bcuz your relationship with him is a secret?? Master List I write for all groups and here are just the groups I have alredy written for. Idol S/O were forced to break up with them. Bts Reaction to you being to short to reach things . BTS Reacting to a Fight with Their Girlfriend Jin: So let’s just say you two came back from a public outing (maybe the first time he’s meeting your friends or family) and Jin, being the awkward child 415 notes | 12:25pm 1 Jul 2017 Tagged: #masterlist #bts scenarios #bts reactions #bts imagines #monsta x scenarios #monsta x reactions #monsta x imagines #got7 scenarios #got7 reactions #got7 imagines #knk reactions #knk scenarios #knk imagines #seventeen reactions #seventeen scenarios #seventeen imagines #nct reactions #nct imagines #nct I personally think that all BTS members will have the same angry and disappointed reaction to such a rude and disgusting manner of addressing an idol. finding out about their crush’s bad past . Jae: I can show you the world (NSFW) YoungK: Goosebumps (NSFW) Reactions/Scenarios. Currently on a hiatus until further notice. This is getting out of hand& well now try to imagine how long it takes me to write a chapter for a fanfiction. REQUESTED BY ANON: Hello:) can I request a (any) maknae line angst where his gf is part of a girl group and Fans don’t like her bc they found out she was dating the BTS member. They debuted on June 12, 2013 with the song "No More Dream" from their first album 2 Cool 4 Skool, for which they won several New Artist of the Year awards, including at the 2013 Melon Music Awards and Golden Disc Awards and the 2014 Seoul Music Awards. BTS reaction finding out you rejected multiple agencies BTS reaction to you insulting friends in a loving way BTS reaction to their crush being 6 years younger BTS reaction to catching their s/o singing/ dancing BTS reaction to their s/o doubting their love towards bts BTS and what would they prefer their girl wearing BTS reaction to you being a rape victim in the past. Jin: He would be so completely proud of you. And then the mv dropped and I lost my whole hope and ik music changes but for me boy wit love isn’t bts. Warning: This reaction contains a very sensitive topic. We love writing all members though and will keep doing so. Cuddling BTS. Request: Hey, could I request a bts react where they meet your older/younger brother (you decide) who happens to be a member of seventeen? Anon: older member reaction to their gf who is also a virgin asking to try thigh riding with them TBH this isn’t really smutty lmao I didn’t write about what they’d be like during, literally just how they’d react if you asked them too! I can do their reaction whilst, but please request for that if you want it. S/O likes motorcycles and tricycles His gf is cheating on them His gf getting into a serious accident His gf being indecisive about her degree - Cory His gf is a virgin - Cory When they think another member’s gf is cold Their s/o being a Great dancer. Read BTS Reaction to Idol girlfriend being weird on stage (S) from the story BTS Imagines & Scenarios by thelostonesechos (Tae Bae Slays) with 4,011 reads. BTS Scenario Master List Scenarios BTS BTS • Gingerbread House (Fluff) • Mizpah (Angst) • Work Hard, Play Hard (Idol!AU/ BestFriend!AU/ Fluff) Jin • Joining Jin’s Mom For Dinner (Fluff) • Another BTS Anonymous said: bts reaction where their gf is an idol whose more famous than them XD? Answer: BTS Reaction To GF Being More Famous Than ThemJin: *happy/proud* He wouldn’t feel jealous or anything, Have you ever wondered what it would be like for a member of BTS to get jealous for you? Well, then you're in the right place. Unfortunately during your song you had tripped on the wire connecting one of the amps Just another Exo, GOT7 & BTS Blog Hi! this is just another Exo, GOT7 & BTS Blog. Chen “I don’t care as long as I can read all those good girl on girl fics starring you and your bandmates” Y/N: “God, you’re disgusting” “I saw that Xiuchen on your laptop so shush” GOT7, BTS, Day6, Seventeen & EXO Scenarios. Their GF Building Instruments In Her Own Business. Welcome to lovely-bts, a blog dedicated to scenarios for 방탄소년단! Ask box is currently closed! Anonymous asked: What would each member do if you guys were the signs + their idol bf group: bts kpop astrology kpop kpop zodiac kpop requests kpop nct nct as things nct nct imagines nct scenarios the signs + their idol gf Welcome to imagine-bts, a scenario blog dedicated to the group, Bangtan Boys. Scenarios. So awhile back, a friend of mine asked me to do this, but because I’ve been so busy, and was going through some writer’s block, I never really found the time to do it. Hello! I post just about anything K-Pop! I also write MTLs, Scenarios, and Ships (Selca, written or Idol life) But if you could please do the BTS rapper line reaction to their girlfriend starting to sneak out of the house late at night (while she thinks he’s sleeping) and they think she’s cheating but really she’s been secretly having underground rap battles and she’s an undefeated champion. You, Their Idol Crush/GF Confess Your Love For Them On TV You have A Child From A Previous Relationship Their GF Is A Pianist Their GF Avoids Holding Their Hand Cause Her Hands Are Super Cold All The Time Their s/o Is An Olympic Figure Skater Meeting Their s/o’s Parents For The First Time Their s/o Is Shipped With A Member Of BTS I am some years old and I like to write. BTS Reaction to their gf telling them she went commando Anonymous said: “Could you write a reaction to BTS taking the it girlfriend to the mall to get ice cream only to have her tell them that she BTS and EXO Reactions. Bedtime with BTS (Innocent)! … for the most part. Which BTS Member Has A Girlfriend or Not? BTS, who also known as Bangtan Boys or Beyond the scene, is a global idol male group originally from South Korea. BTS Reaction to you while you give them a blowjob (smut) A/N: Hello peeps, this was a reaction/scenario requested by anonymous. are beautiful regardless of body type. MTL find their crush adorable when they’re shy. Reaction Masterlist All reactions. Writer ღ Dreamer ღ K-Pop Enthusiast ღ I like too many groups to pick a favorite, but Monsta X is pretty cool ღ Rules/Guidelines ღ Masterlist ღ My Beginners Guide To Monsta X We cover BTS, EXO, and VIXX for EXO Ships VIXX Reacts VIXX Ships Scenarios. com Korea’s Trending Boygroup BTS Members’ Ideal Type of Girl. enjoy :) J-Hope: You were home alone and Hoseok wasn’t there when you Their GF protecting them; Their GF being jealous; To you being clingy; Have a fight and then makes up with you; A bts member flirting with you; Watching their idol GF perform; You blushing easily; You watching Blackpink videos and getting caught by them; Their idol GF catches them reading fanfic about them; Their GF flinching during a fight Masterlist Smut Jimin - Home (Other members coming soon) Reactions BTS React to S/O unable to swim BTS React to you sobbing from a bad audition BTS React to S/O in bed with another man BTS React to -BTS!AU / Every day texts with your Vampire Boyfriend Yoongi -When your boyfriend wants to make a collab with you but you don’t think to be a good rapper yet -When they find out that their gf have to go with another idol (JB or Yugyeom) at “we got married” -When your older brother find out you’re dating Sanha from Astro -When they BTS: You speaking Spanish for the first time; Their friend coming out as genderfluid; You snoring; They confess to you; You being taller than them; You being able to speak a different language; Finding out it’s your birthday; Seeing self-harm on their gf**** You dating a member; M eeting you as your fan; Another idol hitting on you**** @jimininaminute on Ig. I’m sorry that you have to resort to methods like these to spread the conscience and awareness of what happened to poor RiSe; I guess this is just what this judgemental world has become to be. He would brag about you to everyone who is anyone. Reactions: Reaction to You Crying After They Surprise You. Originally posted by mvssmedia. He’d just want to run out on stage, in front of all the fans and audience, and hug you, wiping your tears. BTS on their Wedding (Yoongi) SMUT. rap mon: he’d be mature about it, i mean he takes care of 6 ‘children’ so i’m sure he’d know how to go around the situation and try to help make you feel better. Idol S/O has to dance sexily with another idol. BTS Reactions to their s/o Being in a Girl Group Request: Hi! please can you do a (possibly long) bts written reaction to their idol gf being a drummer, dancer and rapper in a girl group! reaction to their s/o (gf) sick. Bts Reaction to you calling them daddy and sitting in their lap . happy end please?💕 sorry for my bad When the girlfriend (she’s an idol) fell in the middle of the stage, but she just puff up her chest and did a split to make the fall looks like it’s from the choreo and everyone bought it except exo _____ Suho would probably be the most worried member if his girlfriend were to fall. (Got7) where you and him are guests on weekly idol and he mentions that you’re his ideal type BTS Reaction to You Sleeping In Their Bed While You're Sick A/N: There’s so many reactions that are going to come out this week, heads up baby stars! Keep smiling and I hope you enjoy this and your Kai Scenario where his pregnant gf/wife misunderstood him of cheating; EXO: Kris-Kai-Lay Scenario Convincing their Crush that They’re Beautiful but Thinks Otherwise (Part 1) (Kai) Scenario asking permission to your dad for marriage SEHUN. ” Like proud mama Anonymous said: Can you do a BTS reaction where their gf is an idol and she is getting interviewed on an American talk show and he is the next topic and they bring him up on stage with her? ‘BTS reaction’ to their gf being a rapper, dancer and drummer “Hi! Please, can you do a BTS reaction to their gf being in an idol girl group and the members of this group sing, rap, dance but also Anonymous asked: JungKook scenario where the reader is the gf. BTS Reaction: they’re jealous of another member being their s/o’s best friend Rap Monster Rap Monster wouldn’t show that he was jealous and would let you hang out with your best friend, but when the EXO Reaction to Their Idol GF Performing at an Award Show XIUMIN: *When it’s your groups turn to perform* KYAAAA!! ITS (Y/G/N)!! CHEN: Hyung!! LUHAN: *passionately rapping along with you* KRIS: *When BTS if their girlfriend was caught with another person, but it’s a misunderstanding. Sorry if you don't get your bias but honestly they all are really hot right?! Anonymous said: Bts reaction to you catching them kissing someone else but they didn't want her at all but you're still very upset PLEASE Answer: I’m girlfriend zoning this. As K-Pop fans, we can choose any boygroup member as our ideal type of boy, but we can not deny that we also curious as to what kind of girl our favorite idols’ like or prefer. JIN. Proposing and how they would be as a husband. The second he’d see it happen he would get really whistlinggypsy said: The BTS members reacting to their crush/gf being Hispanic and hearing them talk in Spanish for the first time? (I absolutely adore your blog!!!!! bts bts scenarios bts imagines bts writing bts reactions bangtan bangtan boys bangtan boy scouts bangtan sonyeondan kim seokjin seokjin jin suga min yoongi yoongi jung hoseok hoseok j-hope rap monster kim namjoon namjoon park jimin jimin v kim taehyung taehyung jeon jungkook jungkook BTS Reaction to their s/o’s comeback towards haters “request: can you do BTS reaction when haters insult his non-idol GF saying she’s plastic but his GF said: no honey im FANTASTIC!! You don’t like Jungkooks new gf ~~ Send your requests!! texts jeongguk texts bts texts bangtan texts jungkook scenarios jeongguk pulled idol on us and now BTS sending a message to their idol crush through an interview Kim Namjoon “We all know that a lot of girls swoon over you guys,” The interviewer began, flashing a quick smile at the boys gathered BTS reactions to a foreign girl calling them Oppa at a fansign! A/n: Thank you for requesting! This was loads of fun to do! - Amelia Seokjin: Jin would absolutely love it. A/N: im sorry if it’s not quite what you had in mind i just got a bit carried away since it’s my first request lol. After you’ve given this a read, you guys can send in whether I should continue with them or find another admin to write them. Having a body like Alexis Ren. Genre: Angst/Smut -non idol!au Pairing : Jimin x Reader, Taehyung x Reader Warning : sexual content, swearing, mention of alcohol, ( TW : memory loss, cheating) Hi, everyone. S/O not being able to sleep without them. BTS Bug Reactions 150825. Ideal Looks Rap Monster : A sexy girl who can converse with me for a long time with a nice voice, is appropriately tall, has pale skin, feminine Girl, looks MTL likely to date another artist or idol. A fan telling them that their wife is the best Physics teacher they’ve had. And on her groups’ fan meet a lot of people would ignore her and refuse to get their album signed by her and she still How would BTS react if their girlfriend who is an Idol would Win an award and while she is walking to the Stage she has to pass By ? (Do you understand what I mean?) would they hug her or just apploud while she walks to the Stage ? BTS Masterlist FLUFFY | FUNNY • Girlfriend Being in a Close Friendship With Another Member • Finding a Positive Pregnancy Test In Their Grlfriend/Wife’s Bag • Girlfriend Hugging Them In The Middle Of BTS (Bangtan Boys) - Where Did You Come From? (어디에서 왔는지) Color Coded Lyrics [HAN/ROM/ENG] This is a Kpop Reaction and Shipping Blog. BTS reaction to falling for you (Jin, Rap Mon & Suga) BTS sending a video to AFV (America’s Funniest Videos) Reacting to you transferring to a new school. 1) The Best Day Of My Life (PT. Isn’t she good? She’s so good. Jin and Suga would probably just be like “what the heck?How can you move like that?” Jimin, J-Hope, and V would try to imitate their moves, Jungkook would probably blush/gulp/try to look away (or Jin would shield his eyes), and Rap Monster would probably stare and wonder how she could move like that 14 Jan 2018 Jungkook and His Idol GF “anon// Bts reaction to Jungkook and his idol gf on stage together?? (at an award show or something)  4 Apr 2017 BTS with their Idol Girlfriend “ xyourpinksky said:Hi! please can you do a BTS reaction to their idol gf being in a girl group and the members of  2 Sep 2017 BTS reaction to idol gf forgetting lyrics while performing Anon asked: “Hi!! Can you do a BTS reaction of them watching their idol girlfriend (you)  1 Oct 2016 BTS Reaction to You (Idol GF) Going on Stage with a Sprained Ankle Jin: He would be concerned, probably being more motherly to you rather  6 May 2018 BTS REACTION - their idol gf saying that she'll kiss another guy for a dorama Seokjin: Jin doesn't seems to be a jealous person, but he is  13 Nov 2017 Request: “Hey! not sure if requests are open, but if possible can you do: Bts reaction to idol gf being really close to one of her members (Kinda  10 Feb 2019 Request by anon: Hi can you do a bts reaction where their idol gf is getting hate and talks about it on a interview and crying. A Brilliant List Personal Favorites & Ones I’m extremely proud of (lol): 150725. You were pacing back and forth in your room, hoping that Taehyung wasn't late and that he wore that button-down and khakis you told him to wear. Jungkook placed a deep kiss on your lips before taking your hand in his as he pulled you onto the stage with him. Introduction BTS officialさん(@bts. When you have same similarities. ~. REQUESTS ARE OPEN~ Hello, my name is Marie and I write scenarios, reactions, and more for girl groups and guy groups! (NO SMUT- MASTERLIST AT THE END OF EVERY POST) Reactions/Scenarios. Requested by @stubby-the-dean: “Could I possibly request a gif reaction of the boys reacting to Kookie and his idol gf performing ‘Attention’ by troublemaker? EXO’s reaction when their idol gf is partnered with them on We Got Married 🐳~We make BTS, EXO, 2PM & SEVENTEEN reactions, scenarios, outfits and ships so feel free to requestSuho“Woah, Jagi! BTS Reaction; When Their Idol Girlfriend, Has an Abusive Manager Anon Asked: How about BTS reacting to you (idol gf) having an abusive manager? Sorry if this makes you uncomfortable, you don’t have to JinJin: “Oh get back here i found you!!” “You didn’t tag me yet~” Playing hide and seek with this cutie will be loads of fun! At first,it would seem he would be clueless on where to find you, but, honestly, he knew where you were all along. In this book, you will see different types of scenarios for different members. Their Idol GF being insecure. S. Jimin getting texts from his crush, who has been studying Korean on their own to tell him they love him FAKE SNAPS. BTS Reaction to their S/O being an idol & gets chased in public by fans - Anon asked; “Hi I LOVE your blog!!! Can I make a request of how bts would react if their girlfriend is in a girl group with sonecaratblog said: Hi Dear ^^ How the boys would react to his gf( also an idol ) performing in an award ? Thank You ~ Answer: Hi! this is their reaction to her performing for the first time in an Bts Reaction to having a crush on you (Idol) Bts Reaction to you moaning their name in front of the others . rap Read BTS When They Start to Have 'sexy time' With You, His Girlfriend. BTS on their Wedding (Namjoon) SMUT. Sorry if they're a bit OC, I just can't imagine them jealous. JUNGKOOK- twin idols -Jungkook and His Idol GF (fluff bts bts fanfic bts fanfiction bts scene bts scenarios bts scenario bts scenes bts series kim namjoon kim seokjin min yoongi jung Bts reaction to their idol gf having a dress malfunction while performing Request: Can you do a bts reaction to their idol gf having a wardrobe malfunction while preforming Jin *GIF* I drop my bts’ reaction when their gf/wife is in labor; bts’ reaction when their gf gets her tongue pierced; bts’s reaction (taekook) when their gf is a respected multilingual celebrity in the us; bts’s reaction when their have to perform on a stage with their idol crush (part 1) bts’s reaction when their ask out their idol crush after Omg why am I laughing so hard? BTS reaction to their gf farting in her sleep. GF fainting because of pregnancy. Reaction to Your Interactions With Kids BTS REACTIONS: Another idol flirting with you You may request anything to do with BTS and Monsta X (I have evolved into my final form) for scenarios, reactions K-Pop Reactions, Scenarios, Imagines, etc. You having Period. I take requests just send it over to the ask box and I'll answer as soon as I can. a place with all my writings. But the twist is, BTS is doing the movie and tour with them. Q, and answered before asking us a question! BTS Reaction: Their Idol Girlfriend Wakes Up After Collapsing on Stage //requested// *gifs are not mine* N A M J O O N . Rap Monster - Namjoon would stand there, obviously stunned at what his girlfriend just said. jin, kpop, taehyung. Headcanons ~nothing yet~ Day6. Jin reacting to you confessing your love to him. Bts reacting to you having a panic attack at night. Bands we accept: SHINee, EXO, GOT7, VIXX, BTS, F(x), Infinite, and BIGBANG Please note for reactions: only one or two bands per request! If you put more we will pick only two. Our ask box is currently open, but we've changed our rules a bit. This boy probably has no idea that something so precious and sacred to him and Muslims over the world is once again being used as a cheap background music for a concert by a person and in a manner that clearly gives zero respect to the huge values the Holy Book holds. Gf being scared of the dark. ‘BTS reaction’ to falling for a foreign girl“can i request how bts would react to falling for a foreigner girl (preferably latino) ?? thank u so much !!” BTS Reaction to You (S/O) Being Disappointed Because You Were Supposed to get Straight A’s But You Got One B What Are Friends For? EXO (OT12) Reaction to the Company Telling Them They Need to Break Up With You How Would BTS React To Their Idol Girlfriends Debut Album Breaks Records Worldwide Requested By: kissesfrombangtanatnight Hello! If it’s no bother could you do a BTS reaction to their gf also being an ikon junhoe and bap zelo reaction to having idol gf irl and online (All) Got7 and Infinite Reactions to liking a friend already in a relationship (Admin P&L) BAP they just had sex giveaway drabble (Admin L) Kim Woo Bin, Lee Jong Suk, and Lee Minho Steamy Scene Reaction (Admin L) KNK jealous head canons (Admin A) Red Velvet pros and cons (All) Anonymous said: BTS reaction to you slapping their butt. I hope you all enjoy this scenario blog for our favorite boys of BTS. S/O overstimulates them. Mobile Masterlist ^_^ Drabbles 3 BTS REACT: Teasing Namjoon and his gf. She's one year ynger and suffers bullying at school, JK doesn't know until he finds a box with notes such as "U r so ugly" "Go away" "Disappear" "We all hate you" in your room. Requested by infiresmannnnnnn . You being Needy in an Award Show. Jungkook messing up and apologizing. texting [jongdae] + bts. Can i ask for a jaebum (got7) scenario where he pretends to be upset that you don’t call him ‘oppa’? thank you in advance! :) Omg, can I request a Jr. Bangtan reaction Master List BTS’s reaction “ • Bangtan’s reaction to breakfast in bed • Bangtan’s reaction to you fangirling over another group • Bangtan’s reaction to when you’re about to go on your — random hoseok texts w/ his secret idol gf posted 1 year ago. FICS. I just laugh at loud and the gifs are so on point. bts scenarios idol gf

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